We are planning to introduce the following programs one by one in the forth coming academic years, to make the students bright and incomparable with the overt motive of shaping each students as an exemplary performer in all areas of academics and life skills with the support of modern technology excellently utilized for the purpose of bringing out meritorious performance from each student.

Student Assessment with Modern Technologies

Assessment of each pupil’s skill and talent is needed to train them with special individual attention. A unique method of assessing the student’s abilities, strength and weakness in both academic and extra-curricular activities is used to judge and evaluate the progress of the pupil. Special software is used to evaluate in multiple aspects. The quality of teaching is also ensured by advanced software which is used to make sure that each student is attended personally and the progressive improvement of the student is monitored and evaluated.

Memory Training

Memory plays a vital role in every skill and ultimately improves to secure marks in academics. A special program for the students is used to develop their memory skills by means of different kinds of prominent memory techniques. By this program the memory power of the students will be enhanced extraordinary, which leads to the best performance in academic area.

Personal Counseling

Academically weak students are provided with special attention and are counseled with true interest and compassion by caring modalities which typically cover a range of Supportive, Cognitive-Behavioral and Psycho Dynamic Approaches. Counseling is focused on establishing and assisting students to enhance their academic achievement progressively.

Skill Development

Each student has his/her own special skill set and some students may possess extra-ordinary ability in certain areas. We identify those students with innate skills and give special attention to make them attain the most extra-ordinary level by “Miracle Child Making Scheme”. Dedicated staff members are assigned to guide those identified students to attain the peak in their specialization.

Computer Education

The computer program aims at making students use the computer both as a productive tool and as a means of creative appliance for self-expression. It helps children not only to become techno savvy but also master fundamental learning skills which give them the cutting edge in this highly competitive, technology powered world. While initiation into IT at the KG level provides the necessary eye & hand co-ordination, it also helps in honing thinking skills with the help of multimedia software.

Value Education

The Vedic Heritage program conceptualized by His Holiness Swamy Dayananda Saraswathi aims at educating the pupils to internalize the Value of Values, acquiring the right understanding and attitude towards culture and religion, thus enabling the child to grow up with self-respect, self-esteem and total confidence in his/her self and pride in his/her national irrespective of social, cultural and religious bigotry.

Olympiad Exams

Olympiad Exams are competitive exams conducted at National and International level in Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and English. These exams are conducive for the students to assess their proficiency in the concerned subjects. These exams act as a good platform to practice online and offline examinations. They also assess the academic and scholastic competency of students.

Work Experience

This essential area community service and campus cleanliness. This elective area offers a wide range of activities to cater to the creativity of the students and to enable them to appreciate the dignity of labor. Computer literacy, which is offered from standard one, is part of the Elective Area in Work.

School Project

Project work is an integral part of the school curriculum. The educational project, which is thematic, is an unique feature of the school and promotes comprehensive and exhaustive learning.


EVS is the main focus of the primary Science and Social Science syllabi. Project work & demonstrations make it interesting.

Math Lab

“Learning by Doing is germane basis for all activities in the lab. Teaching aids and technology assisted learning help the students understand difficult concepts with ease and ensure conceptualization.

English Lab

With the use of Innovative and creative materials children acquire language skills at their own pace. Technology assisted and activity based training motivates students to learn without any impediments and develops confidence. It also promotes integration of Linguistic skills.

Creative Drama

It is incorporated into the primary school curriculum and proves to be an enjoyable learning experience for the students.

Lateral Thinking

Nurtures creativity and paves the way for strengthening problem solving abilities. The inventive faculty coupled with divergent makes children visionaries.


Provides adolescents the much-desired insight into their personality and the people around them while molding them into optimistic social beings in the true sense of the term.

Transcendental Meditation

The school offers facilities for moral and religious instruction and Transcendental Meditation for pupil of all standards. It lays stress on development of character and discipline and in fostering healthy Indian traditions and culture.


Road Safety Patrol is a vital Movement in the school which takes care of the traffic regulation in the campus and sending the students to the class in an organized way.

Quiz club

Students from VI to VIII are drawn into the club to improve the skill in quiz activities. The students are selected and sent to various competitions and mass media programs.

Debate club

The main motive of the International Debate Club is to develop self-efficacy and confidence and to enhance the oratorical ability of the students.

Disaster Management

The curriculum based lessons help to sensitize the students to environmental issues and to manage crises prudently.

Fire Drill

It is a regular training given to all the students of our school to make them understand the need to be calm and composed during any fire eventuality.

General Assembly / Intramural

The general Assembly is a daily feature offering varied activities. It serves as a stage for students to showcase their talents and to promote those aspiring to compete at higher levels./p>

Guest Lectures

Eminent speakers from various fields address the students on interesting and topical issues with contemporary relevance.

YLE & Main Suite Exams

The Cambridge Young Learner’s English Examination is conducted for students from Std II to VII. It is the fore runner to the Key English Test (KET), Preliminary English Test (PET), First Certificate in English (FCE) & Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). The facilitators (Teachers) are trained by the British Council.

Exnora & Eco Clubs

These clubs encourage a value system, which lay emphasis on a clean, green and a pollution free environment.

Teacher’s Centre

This is the Resource Centre, which arranges for in-service training program and a nursery training course.

Cultural Academy

The Cultural Academy classes develop aesthetic sense to tap the innate talents of children. Qualified staffs manage these classes. The children are grouped according to their level of skill and ability to facilitate individual attention. The following classes offer opportunities to children explore new areas and develop their interests.

Conservation Classes

Children are encouraged to become articulate and to gain confidence and fluency in spoken English and Hindi.

Music / Art

The school provides ample opportunities to promote the learning and appreciation of art/music. The Art Education program prepares the students for a culturally harmonious society and also to promote national and international understanding. Children are offered the choice of any Fine Art including Vocal Music, Bharathanatyam, Drawing and painting to harness their potential and hone their skill and talents in the respective fields.

Sports Academy

To give further impetus to the various activities implemented in the field of sports and to encourage the all-round development of students, the Sports Academy has been formed and a number of inter-school competitions are conducted in a variety of sports like Basket